Welcome to Total Web Solutions Limited

Our services are provided from a state of the art facility which meets stringent standards for environmental, physical, and electronic security. 
Automated air conditioning systems, video surveillance and onsite guards, and monitored firewall’s are all standard. 
Servers are regularly checked for software updates, and monitored for potential security breaches. 
This all adds up to less downtime, and more time to spend adding features and keeping it all running smoothly and efficiently! 

Spend some time having a read and please feel free to contact us regarding your experience and comments you have about the site – good or bad! 
Total Web Solutions Limited (TWSL) endeavours in every way to make the site as user friendly and customer focused as possible. So take a look around and start to find out how cheap and simple it can be to have a effective presence on the Internet.

Custom Electronic Design

We also provide a bespoke electronic design service. We can design and manufacture your one-off or bulk quantity solution for you including wireless sensors/switches, pool level controllers, filtration flusher units etc. We mostly use the Atmel range of microcontrollers and are proud to code using open source avr-gcc. We have established relationships with a small number of foreign component suppliers which enables us to supply the most expensive parts (such as solid state relays and membrane keypads) at more acceptable prices (min quantities required). Please contact use via our contact page with your design queries.