Terms & Conditions

TWSL will strive to provide superior customer service, maximised uptime, and all assistance possible to all clients.

Although every effort will be made to maintain the provision of services, you acknowledge that internet services are of the nature that they can be interrupted without fault. If this occurs we will not be liable for any compensation against loss of service, business, or income.

Data stored on our servers is not guaranteed to be backed up. It is recommended that you keep an independent backup of important data.

We support freedom of speech and do not usually monitor content on our customers sites, thus we do not accept any responsibility for what is on your site. However, any violations of the following conditions will result in immediate suspension or termination at our discretion with no refund or right of appeal and without any required notice. In the event of any illegal activity, we reserve the right to assist law enforcement agencies with their investigations.

The conditions which are imposed on all our clients are as follows:

No spam or mass advertising

No forging email headers to disguise the source

No scripts which can be used for scanning/cracking hosts.

No scripts which connect to IRC servers from the server, java based ones are OK (if you are unsure what this means or if it applies to you, please contact us)

No porn/adult material.

No content which infringes copyrights or trademarks (this includes MP3s, Warez, and unauthorised mirror sites).

No content which promotes or incites racist, sexist, or illegal behaviour or actions.

No threatening, stalking, or collection of private information and details.

Shell access is not given without justification, if you have shell access only editors, compilers, and ftp clients are allowed. No network server or client applications are to be run (this includes email clients, IRC or instant messaging, and file sharing).

If you exceed your allocated free quota of web space you will be charged in accordance with our price list

Your login account is for your personal/business use only.

Please do not divulge the password to any other person, and please take reasonable precautions to ensure that it is not discovered by other people.

If a TWSL technician deems user processes, such as CGI, run on a server are adversely affecting the server's performance, for example through CPU load or memory usage, the program may be removed without warning and the ability to run processes on the server may be removed immediately.

We shall not be held liable for any loss or damages caused by the use or misuse, unavailability or removal of services.

When your account is closed, all files (including web pages, etc.) will be deleted.



We reserve the right to update, amend, or otherwise change these terms at any time without notice.

If you aren't sure if your site will clash with any of these conditions, please contact us before placing a order, we're always happy to answer questions and help in any way possible.



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